Amity Photos began with the intention of just taking some creepy photos for a hobby and learn how to take better photos at events (Broadway, Comic Cons, Sporting Events, etc).

After traveling with a Paranormal group for several years, an opportunity arose in 2016 where my 'haunted tourism photography' would be continually published.

A few years later all of this turned into a surprisingly fun, sometimes stressful, scary job. The best things usually come about when they are least expected, especially when the initial intention was to use the photo to frame in my living room- and it ends up on a magazine for millions to see.

It took 3 photos, that were taken 5 years previously, that gave me opportunities to hang around with the people I idolized much of my life, and staying in places that I could never dream of affording.


Special Thanks to Kelly, 'Uncle' Bob, Cassandra, and Craig M. for making these things happen

Extra Special thanks to THE Bun & Brittany for dealing with the many weekends I left and the years it took to make something out of it.